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Whether you run a youth athletic league (eg: Pop Warner, Little League, CYO, PAL, Rec. etc.) or manage a single town team, D1Scout offers a simple and cost-effective way to manage your program and deliver a website you can be proud of.

The league sites are also a great option for adult leagues and teams, such as softball, hoops, hockey, flag football, etc.

The youth programs easily represent our best value because we think it's great for kids to have a pro-style team page as they're getting into athletics. Your players, parents and fans will all appreciate a professional looking website that showcases team accomplishments and gives visitors a single location to get team information, updates and gear.

We hope you'll give D1Scout the opportunity to serve your youth program.

Please Note:

The youth league sites are designed to be more comprehensive to the overall group than the AAU, Club & Travel platform. If you prefer a high level of functionality and customization for a single entity, please refer to the AAU, Club & Travel Program section. For a complete list of program features, please click here

D1Scout Youth Athletic Leagues Pricing

Standard Multi-Team Youth League

Annual Fee

Get Started Now!
  • Includes site functionality for a complete youth league.
  • Teams are billed at an additional $25 per team per year and offer full functionality.
  • (Contact us for details and special offers)

Note** Your Card will be billed annually using our secure payment systems powered by Paypal e-Commerce Solutions. There will be a single "D1Scout LLC" line item on your statement reflecting your level of service during the calendar year cycle. You can cancel at any time by clicking this link & contacting support@d1scout.com. Note** If you are paying by check you must have a valid credit card on file in order to insure continuity of your web presence.


Support and maintenance after the first year $550

D1Scout Features and Benefits


An impressive web presence helps your program stand out from the crowd, fosters player particiipation and attracts the best talent from your area.

Centralized Management

Enables coaches and administrators to view, update and manage teams or an entire league - including photos, stats, schedules, news, updates, team forms, player info and more - from a single web location.


A D1Scout website serves as the primary information source for parents, players and fans enabling administrators or coaches to simply and efficiently keep everyone on the same page.


D1Scout delivers a fully password-protected site that lets you determine who has access to information

Anytime Access:

Access your site 24/7, 365 days a year from any computer with an Internet connection


D1Scout offers excellent value for youth programs

Site Construction Options


If you select the Standard Youth League site option by clicking Get Started Now! , you will be asked to provide some basic information about your program to help us prepare for your build and establish your account. Once we receive your registration, a D1Scout Representative will contact you within one business day to begin the site setup process.

Design Consultation

During the initial consult (about a 10 minute call), we will determine your site objectives and preferences relative to banner design, logos, mascots, images, graphics and preferred colors.

Site Build

From there, D1Scout's designers take over to create a customized banner and page template for your approval. Once finalized, we will complete your site framework, including creation of individual pages for each team in your program.

Delivery Timing

We can typically have your custom site ready within 5 business days once we've conducted the initial consult.


Once your site is complete, a D1Scout Representative will contact you to provide a brief training session to make sure you are comfortable with your site's functionality and operation.

Initial Setup Includes

  • Design of custom banners incorporating custom logos, mascot, graphics and images
  • Initial site construction, including your Club homepage and pages for each team in your program
  • Integration of a custom color set
  • D1 Scout is also happy to discuss any requests you have regarding additional site customization. Support will be billed @ $550 per year after the initial year.